«Claude Diallo demonstrates a thorough understanding of the jazz piano tradition, but is also strikingly original - clearly, someone with a unique voice and sensibility.»

David Berkman (pianist and composer)
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«Pianist and composer Claude Diallo displays a striking array of talents on his new release, Now Then. His trio, the Situation, plays with a refreshing cohesiveness and dynamism and Diallo leads the way with his robust technique, cleverness and palpable sense of joy.»

Terell Holmes, The New York City Jazz Record, March 2011 Issue

«Claude Diallo is a wonderful artist and his musical talent is unusual. He has an uncanny ability to play not only complex and changing cross rhythms but he plays poly rhythms on the piano and he incorporates original melodies. No one quite does it the way Claude Diallo does it.»

Kenwood Dennard (drummer and sideman of Herbie Hancock, Sting, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius among others)

«Claude Diallo is one of the newest young musicians to bring inovative concepts to the contemporary / historically accepted styles of piano / composition --- watch for more of the same to come --- he has more than enough background to prove it»

Professor Ray Santisi (Mentor of Keith Jarrett, Diana Krall, Joe Zawinul, Jacky Terrasson among others. He performed with Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt among many others)

«Claude Diallo demonstrates a thorough understanding of the jazz piano tradition, but is also strikingly original - clearly, someone with a unique voice and sensibility. His compositions are very involved and take the listener on an incredible imaginative journey.»

David Berkman (pianist and composer)

«...what a great feel...»

Steve Heck (Jazz pianist and singer, professor at Berklee College of Music (Steve Heck Room))

«Claude Diallo is a very talented and professional young jazz pianist which has a bright future to come. I really enjoyed recording and touring in Europe with his band.»

Andy McGhee (tenor sax player with Lionel Hampton, Woody Hermann)

«Claude Diallo has great potential that will have extremely high importance for the development of jazz in the near future.»

Luques Curtis (grammy award winning bass player, Eddie Palmieri, Gary Burton)

«...He`s a world class composer...»

QUEENS BUZZ, New York City

«...St. Gallens most famous pianist, Claude Diallo, stuns his audience...»


«...without any exaggeration, musically the most precious, what young Jazz musicians from Eastern Switzerland created since the last five to ten years...»


«...Finest Jazz!...Nonchalant trio with overflowing creativity, Claude Diallo Situation thrilled at the Kunsthaus...»


«...Jazz for the President...»


«...I heard some really great jazz...I couldn`t leave without hearing the rest of this set by the Claude Diallo Situation...»

QUEENS BUZZ, New York City

«...his whole frame shaking to the beat as he banged away on that piano, filling our ears with a little jazz magic...»

QUEENS BUZZ, New York City

«...He`s a world class composer and the two other members of his group are also accomplished musicians in their own rights, having played at top concert halls or with nationally known talent...»

QUEENS BUZZ, New York City

«...The first piece they played reminded me of the Pat Metheny Travels album...»

QUEENS BUZZ, New York City

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Claude Diallo & Linus Wyrsch
Live at Villa Irniger

September 2016
Jessica Galliker / Claude Diallo
Fly me to the Moon

May 2015
Claude Diallo Lost Love Songs
(The Balik Farm Project)
July 2014
Claude Diallo Solo Piano
Nothing to Prove
December 2013
Claude Diallo & Nathalie Maerten
New Beginnings
December 2013
Claude Diallo Situation
Motion in Progress
March 2013
Claude Diallo Situation
Live at No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 2011
DVD - Claude Diallo Situation
Live at Tonhalle St.Gallen
Claude Diallo Situation
Now Then

June 2010
Claude Diallo Situation
with Andy McGhee

June 2010
Claude Diallo Situation
Traveling with Music

January 2009

Jennifer Hirsh with
Claude Diallo


Claude Diallo Trio
Live in Switzerland


Blizz Rhythmia
A bientôt


Blizz Rhythmia


Blizz Rhythmia
Shy Appearance



Many thanks to MUSIC ELECTRONICS in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Claude Diallo highly recommends to purchase the NORD ELECTRO 3 keyboard.

to buy: www.musicelectronics.ch

Claude Diallo would like to thank YAMAHA for their generous support for the new CD production: MOTION IN PROGRESS.