«Claude Diallo demonstrates a thorough understanding of the jazz piano tradition, but is also strikingly original - clearly, someone with a unique voice and sensibility.»

David Berkman (pianist and composer)
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Traveling with Music > Island of the Maldives

The Island of the Maldives are one of the most beautiful places on earth. Claude Diallo went to visit an island called Thulagiri in August 2010 after his Asia tour with Claude Diallo Situation. There he was invited to perform a concert on the island of Bandos. All the guests arrived by boat and after the concert they were shipped back to their islands. That was an interesting experience.


Solo at the island resort of Bandos. The keyboard Claude Diallo is using on those pictures is dated back from the 70s and it made it an interesting experience to play Jazz with keyboard sounds from the 70s. People had fun.

Male is the capital and biggest city in the Maldives. It is populated by very religious muslims and alcohol is prohibited. When you arrive by plane you get the illusion of seeing a sinking city as the buildings literally come out of the water.

Of course the nature on the different islands is beautiful. Palm trees, clean and white beaches, deep blue ocean, what else do you want?

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The Island of the Maldives used to be a kingdom rained by different Queens. After the British took over and colonized the islands they soon left as there are no resources to be taken. Out of the entire region, 99% is under water and sadly at some point the islands will all be covered by water. The population is influenced by the islam and people live strictly after it's rules.

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